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Tips for Forms

Our most popular articles in this category are the ones about using Unbound Forms in MS Access. Here they are:

Here is a series on creating a custom calendar form without using ActiveX:

Rather than using the mouse to click on a button, allow your users to use keyboard shortcuts, especially function keys.

Need to provide your user with a list of files to choose from? The article Choosing a File from a List shows one way to do it.

If on the other hand, you need to make a copy of a file, and give it a name based on the date and time of the copy, try this Copying a File technique. Perhaps instead of the date/time you just want to name your files using Incremental Numbers.

Picture two (2) listboxes on a form. The left one is full of items, the right one is empty. You click on an item in the left listbox and it "moves" to the right listbox. The article Using Listboxes to Show Choices helps get you started on a solution to this challenge.

Put two (2) listboxes on a form. Choose an item from the first one and the second one displays choices determined by that first one. Listbox based on another Listbox.

Want a list in a combo box to include an "ALL" choice? See the article about adding an all choice to a combo box and using that as a criteria for a report. (includes sample database)

Need to refer to a specific column in a combo box, even a hidden one? Read Combo Box Columns.

You want to create a recordset while inside some VBA code. The method I use frequently is shown in the article query based recordset.

There I was, typing away, creating some great code, when I realized that I was unsure of the SQL syntax for a complex recordset I needed. Now what? See the answer in the article SQL to VBA.

If you need to add fields to tables via VBA, you will find the following series useful. Fields and Tables via VBA - Part 1, || Part 2, || Part 3, || Part 4, || Part 5.

Here is a technique I could never do without. I sometimes go to a client's office and they do not know where their back end file is stored. The front end of their database knows, but will not tell me. Now what? Read Locating Back End MDBs to learn a technique.

Looping through Fields in Unbound Forms.

Is that Form already open?.

Open a Word or Excel file from a Command Button.

How to Refer to Fields and Form Objects.

Keeping track of Version Numbers.

Custom Toolbars.

Sharing Data Between Forms.

Searching Strings that Have Quotes.

A Combo Box that allows New Values to be added.

Looping Through Form Objects Using the Tag Property.

Buttons: Now you see them, Now you don't.

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